Grady Sizemore

If that isn't a porn star name if I've ever heard one. But actually Grady plays for the Cleveland Indians (its a baseball team for those of you who may not be too familiar). A few months ago, this 27 year old hottie's playboy bunny girlfriend leaked some near nude photos of this stud taken on his cell phone. Score for us! Maybe they got in an argument? "OH, Grady has made me so mad, I'm going to leak the kind-of nude photos I have of my REALLY HOT man on the internet." Hmmm. Not sure what the though process was there. But lucky us! This one is probably the hottest... he is covering up his bat dick with a cup, and just under it, you can see his baseballs balls. So, I'm hoping there are some dirtier photos out there of Mr. Sizemore, and I don't think I'm alone when I'm saying I hope they get leaked 😉 Check out more pics below! Enjoy!
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