Gayest Picture Ever?

Is this the gayest image ever? Lets examine the evidence. Image from Raging Stallion's Timberwolves Item number one: There is a gay pride flag in the background. prideflad Item number two: Its what I call "the equality sign tattoo." I'm not sure if thats what it is actually meant to signify, but its popular in the gay community now. armtattoos Item number three: This face. This face is usually seen right before the following phrase is uttered, "Damn thats a tight ass." Although this isn't necessarily gay specific... pleasure face Item number four: The "it hurts so good" face. hurts so good face Item number five: This is where the pic really starts to get gay. Butt fucking! buttfucking Item number six is really what brings this pic over the top. Even GAYER than two men having sex. A mirrorball. mirrorball As if a mirrorball wasn't gay enough, this one is reflecting a pride flag. I mean seriously. So, all together, this pretty much accounts for the gayest picture I've ever seen. Here is the full image- from Raging Stallion's Timberwolves. 44981_11
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