Gay Of Thrones

It sounds remarkable childish, but I love turning titles of movies and TV shows into porn flick titles. Nothing turns me and my friends into giggling 12 year old kids like saying Saving Ryan's Privates. We even went so far, back in the days of Blockbuster Video, renting Lords of the G-String- a straight softcore porn video that followed the general plot of the Lord of the Ring trilogy. It was campy and just plain fun. So, when I got an email from the guys at this morning letting me know about their new series coming out on July 4th, I was excited. It was only time before a show like 'Game of Thrones' got the porn treatment. With guys like this on the show- Jason Moma- my guess is, if you imagination is anything like mine.... 18c9ddd98cfa94e47168077744d15dde

Anyway, since it particularly relates to television, I thought I would bring you gentlemen some of the promo material they sent me... and keep in mind that Albert has worked out a special deal with that bring you discounted rates, but you have to use this link specifically- click here for that exclusive discount. A membership to gives you access to an amazing suite of the following 8 sites:


Click here, or on the photo below to see the trailer for the first scene, staring Toby Dutch and Abraham Al Malek unnamed

And I'll make sure to keep you updated as the other scenes go live.
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