First Pics of Superman!

Hey everybody! These pics just came out of Henry Cavill (check out his other page on The Male Star Blog here) in costume for the new Superman movie, due out next year sometime. He looks like he packed on a ton of muscle, mainly in those arms (unless there is some costume padding definition going on there, which there very may well be.). I hear he hit the gym to bulk up 30 pounds to play the man of steel, but ya know, I'll just ask him next time we have lunch. Yup! He still has a hot ass!
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8 thoughts on “First Pics of Superman!”

  1. yeah it’s hard to tell if that muscle is suit padding or not unless there are some nude scenes in the movie – then we’ll know for sure. He’s never had objections to them before – so let’s hope!

  2. First of all, Henry Cavill is cute. I like him, and some day it would make me happy to have his adopted babies.

    That being said…

    Who the hell put that lame ass, stupid ass, fucktarded suit on him? I like the fact that they wanted to be “different and special” but i would have preferred if he was wearing the original superman suit, or just a t-shirt with a superman symbol on it. that would have been enough for me.

    Hell, I would have been enough if he fought crime naked (the man is fine as hell), but i think that secretly, we all would prefer that. lol.

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