Finally, I Post Scott Eastwood.

I seriously have gotten a few emails about this. A lot of people were trying to alter me to the fact that Scott, Clint Eastwood's son, is gorgeous. I saw the photos a few days ago and pretty much had the same reaction that everyone else did. "DAMN" So. I'm finally posting him. I found a few other pictures besides the pics that sparked the frenzy- they were a series from Town and Country magazine. Enjoy! For more hotties just like Scott, head to the members area of Sean Cody. If you aren't a member, sign up here. BBPw0ctCUAAjVsd BBTz2mzCEAApIUY BPz5XA5CUAAeZKV enhanced-buzz-wide-908-1379423976-10 enhanced-buzz-wide-2497-1379426320-30 enhanced-buzz-wide-16541-1379423977-47 enhanced-buzz-wide-23890-1379423980-10 enhanced-buzz-wide-23999-1379423977-20 scott1
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