Evan Longoria?

This hit the news yesterday- Evan Longoria apparently was sending pictures of his (I'm really not going to make all the baseball puns this time, I promise) dick to this girl's facebook account back when he was in the minor leagues. He would send the pictures with messages like 'Like that babe?" She apparently did not. I have to say, Evan was smart in not including his face/body/identifying features in the picture- which is where most celebrities go wrong with this sort of thing. Of course, the big debate is- Is this actually Evan Longoria? As far as I know at this point, Evan hasn't stated anything publicly, and I'll try and keep you updated when I read anything on the matter or if more pictures are released. For those of you who don't know him, Evan is a baseman for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. So what do you guys think? Not him, or smart way of sending pictures of your dick to someone?
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4 thoughts on “Evan Longoria?”

  1. I’ve had the hots for this guy since he was in the minors. Wish he was sending ME those pics. Heh. Might as well wish for the stars, right?

  2. I tend to think it IS Evan. He has muscular thighs & his body hair in other pics seems sparse. Both of these things are reflected here. Anyone have any proof it’s not SchLongo?

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