ESPN: The Body Issue

Quite possible one of my favorite times of year 😉 These are some of the hot photos from the sports mag's annual homoerotic edition. Enjoy! -Featuring Carlos Bocanegra, Ashton Eaton, Danell Leyva, Jose Bautista, Tyson Chandler, Rob Gronkowski, and Tim Morehouse
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5 thoughts on “ESPN: The Body Issue”

  1. It would be somewhat fitting that Gronk has the somewhat goofy photos. Still love him as the 2nd (behind Brady) hottest guy in the league and the behind the scenes video he did for this issue…damn I’m hard

  2. Good god I love this issue! Behind the scenes videos are the best…just wish they wouldn’t blur them out 😉

    1. I might have to start watching this guy now. He has a big butt!! Look at 0:27! And I love Latin men! #delicious

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