Eating Out

alright, sorry about the complete lack of updates this week. I've actually been sick and out of it due to taking way too much Nyquil, so I've been pretty useless the last couple of days. I had these photos in stockpile, so I putting them up here. These are screen captures from the movies Eating Out and Eating Out 2. I've posted the phone sex/ oral sex scene from Eating Out before (you can find it here). Here is Scott Lunsford Ryan Carnes Marco Dapper and Brett Chuckerman Here is the nude scene with Marco, it happens at :56
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6 thoughts on “Eating Out”

  1. Troy has the most beautiful set of low hanging, heavy, smooth, widely nestled, pendulous balls that I have ever set my eyes on. I would love to have sex with that man! Seeing him fully aroused would be delightful.

    Any chance of getting postings of him with his cock fully erect?

    1. @DerryK: Hmmm, I haven’t come across any but I’ll do a more in depth search for them! I’ll let you know if I’m able to find any!

  2. Hey any chance of scoring pics from the third Eating Out movie? I think it was called “Eating Out: All you can eat”

  3. Yeah, I would really like to see some screenshots of the third movie. I watched it recently and I gotta see chris salvatore’s nude frontal in better definition again 🙂 Any chance of posting this?

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