Drew Brody… Blast From the Past

I remember the guys I was watching when I was first discovering my dick did things like get hard, expand, and spit at me. One of those was the incredibly hung Drew Brody. I always remembered this one video where Drew walks up into this guy's apartment, starts making out, and then... DrewBrody-JonnyKingdom-6 A lot of the videos I saw growing up were old VHS tapes that someone gave to me and they were always the stereotypical repair-man hookup scenarios. This was the first time I ever really encountered the 'hook-up' and was shocked. I remember thinking, "people just start doing that without talking?!?" I was scandalized and hard at the same time. Now, even in my single days I was never much for the anonymous hook up. I always liked to know a little bit about who's dick was in and around my mouth. Every now and then I'll go back and watch that video... to sticky results. But anyway, I got really excited when I got an email from my friends over at Tim Tales with Drew Brody's name. The massive Drew has hooked up with my favorite studio... and the results... mmmmm....

See it at Tim Tales here!

DrewBrody-JonnyKingdom-1 DrewBrody-JonnyKingdom-16 DrewBrody-JonnyKingdom-8 DrewBrody-JonnyKingdom-17 DrewBrody-JonnyKingdom-21 DrewBrody-JonnyKingdom-24 DrewBrody-JonnyKingdom-39 DrewBrody-JonnyKingdom-37 DrewBrody-JonnyKingdom-36 DrewBrody-JonnyKingdom-32 DrewBrody-JonnyKingdom-25
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3 thoughts on “Drew Brody… Blast From the Past”

  1. Most gay porn look so fabricated and fake. Drew is one of the best at his craft , he is actually enjoying his subject .

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