Darren Criss’s Wet Shoot For ‘Out’

I'm not a huge 'gleek' as they'd say, but I do appreciate some of the guys on the show for sure. The upcoming issue of 'Out' features a spread with Darren Criss, who plays Blaine Anderson on 'Glee'. The shoot involves water, and removal of the clothes. I'm a fan. Are you? Just as a side note, the 24 year actor only plays gay on TV, he is straight in real life. Sorry to crush any dreams.
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6 thoughts on “Darren Criss’s Wet Shoot For ‘Out’”

  1. its weird that a lot of straight actors play gay on tv and in movies like queer as folk, shameless, desperate housewives and broken back mountain???
    why cant they just get a gay actor??

    1. It is odd, but I think most often they just chose who they feel is the best for the part. Or who does the best on the casting couch 😉

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