Colby Keller Time Travels for Sex….

If you know me, you know that I have a major hard-on for Colby. I read his blog and he is so much more than sex on legs. Smart, funny, interesting; its all a gigantic plus besides the obvious. So, when I heard that came out with a porn that involved time traveling, I was a little skeptical. Then I heard it involved Colby. Sold. I got some screen caps and thought I'd share them with you fine folks. Enjoy. You can see the entire video at, who were generous enough to send me these pics. sextraveler_2 SexTravelerPart2DMH03 SexTravelerPart2DMH04 SexTravelerPart2DMH06 SexTravelerPart2DMH11 SexTravelerPart2DMH10 SexTravelerPart2DMH09 SexTravelerPart2DMH08 SexTravelerPart2DMH07
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2 thoughts on “Colby Keller Time Travels for Sex….”

    1. Sexy, really dig him too – (a man’s man; such an interesting, smart and creative guy with a quirky personality I’d enjoy dating)

      I live in the Maryland area and have seen him on the street a couple of times.

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