Chuckles and Abs.

I love laughing. And I love hot men. Hot men who make me laugh used to piss me off because I perceived it as so unfair. You are not allowed to be gorgeous and funny... lets spread around the bonus points a little. So, what I like best about these fun Gifs is that the men are gorgeous... and they make me laugh. Its not the guys that are funny... its the animated characters that enhance the overall package. So.... I hope you get a chuckle or two out of these. My favorite is the minion from Despicable Me... whats yours? Tell me in the comments.

If you are looking for hot guys minus the laughter, because its hard to jerk off while laughing, click here to check out Tim Tales.


For another one of my favorite humorous posts, click here to see a hottie, Bryan Hawn, re-enact "Wrecking Ball"

horntyoons3 hornytoons4 hornytoons5 hornytoons9

The pic above and below come from Cazwell's "Ice Cream Truck" video. Click here to see that

hornytoons10 hornytoons11 hornytoons12 hornytoons13 hornytoons14 hornytoons16 hornytoons17 hornytoons18

And of course, that last pic is of one of my favorite models, Alex Minsky. You can check out more photos of him here... including his "leaked" nude photo.

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