Celebratory Kiss

Sorry for the lack of posts this week boys. I was all set to update last night and then wham... my internet went out. And of course because there is no customer service whatsoever all I got was "Not sure what the problem is, we'll be out to fix it when we can." Argh. Regardless, this is hot... AND I have a video of it! I'm making way more of it than it actually was, but I love "footballers" (soccer players for my American readers) and a couple of them get a little extra happy after a goal. The footballers? Olivier Giroud and Mathieu Debuchy. Now, its quite a different culture in France and it isn't like they are making out on the field. But, there is something about the way Guroud grabs Debuchy's head and goes for it that just turns me on. Anyway, Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I (apparently) have. There is an article you can read here that briefly talks about it. My favorite part is when it mentions how Giroud was asked about it after the game. His response: “No, I was simply thanking him. … Don’t read into it.” Below the pic is the video of the kiss
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