Captain America’s Arms… They Make Me Hard

Ok, so... that may have been a bit much, but HOLY CRAP look, just look at the size of Chris Evan's arms!! I know where I'll be when this movie comes out. In the back row, jerking off. No, jk. But seriously. I can't wait to see it! chris-evans-flaunts-huge-biceps-for-captain-america-02 chris-evans-flaunts-huge-biceps-for-captain-america-01 chris-evans-flaunts-huge-biceps-for-captain-america-04 chris-evans-flaunts-huge-biceps-for-captain-america-05 More? Try Active Duty
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5 thoughts on “Captain America’s Arms… They Make Me Hard”

  1. Its the whole package for me. This man has been my dream husband since I was a teenager. And his smile alone is a boner-maker

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