British Ginger Olympian Strips for a Magazine…

British Olympic medalist Greg Rutherford posed nude in Uk's Cosmopolitan. He did it for a good cause: The May edition benefits cancer research. According to Greg, "Doing this shoot for Cancer Research UK was important to me: a friend got testicular cancer and had chemo. He’s recovered now. Checking yourself can be the difference between life and death." I know its more than fondling your balls, but maybe you could have a friend check. Like this: tumblr_mkpxadIgl11r9ctvgo1_250 Anyway, this ginger hottie posed semi-nude, and although many people have fantasies with the atheltic gear, seeing some skin is great too. He also had this to say about being considered "Sexy"

Another sexy ginger: Tim Kruger of

See below for a trailer timtales_475x200_03 "Being told I’m sexy is something I find funny – as a ginger guy, you get a fair bit of stick growing up. It’s flattering, though. I’m in a lucky position where I get to train every day for a living – but I still have my body hang-ups. I didn’t take my top off for years in training because I thought other athletes were in better shape." You don't really think of athletes having body issues. But it makes sense. Everyone seems to have something they are insecure about. If he wanted to spend some time hanging out with me, I'd be happy to let him know just hot sexy I think he is 😉 Not all the photos are from the Cosmopolitan shoot- Greg Rutherford showbiz-greg-rutherford-group-on-life-drawing-4 gh96V Greg_Rutherford_naked Greg-Rutherford_PA_2577264b Greg-Rutherford-RED-HOT-Exhibition rutherford

Here is the preview for TimTales- sexy red head Tim Kruger uses his enormous cock to open up Gabriel Vanderloo.

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