Benjamin Godfre

Ok, so I came across these pics some time ago and have just been waiting to post them for the right time. Well... the right time has come. I was trolling around on the internet this morning before heading to the gym and visited Benjamin Godfre's website (you can also visit it by clicking here). I was scrolling through the posts when I found this: So there’s been some buzz about me working with Falcon Studios… and its true! I’m directing a 5 scene DVD including some of today’s HOTTEST stars! The DVD is ONLY Solo scenes… NO male on male. Inner Sanctum will be the only place where you will find these scenes. In a few months when we are finished with the scenes, Falcon will be producing a DVD containing these scenes. but for now, keep your eyes peeled for the scenes streaming exclusively through Inner Sanctum Lastly, I made a teaser post with some pictures and video to the Inner Sanctum a few days ago. Since then, lots of blogs have acquired these pictures which leaves me with only one logical conclusion… Inner Sanctum members have been sharing our secret content! I must say this again. Please do NOT share Inner Sanctum pictures or video. It’s for our eyes only. I know you’re all just trying to help promote me and I appreciate it. But trust me… I have a plan. Let me handle it so you can all relax and enjoy the show Meanwhile, I strongly encourage you to share all my other pictures and video! After all… I select Fan Day Friday winners based on how much they share. Just NO Inner Sanctum stuff please Ok, I hope that answered some of the questions you had. Now stop sending me hate mail haha just kidding xx bg SWEEEET. So how does this relate to the pictures I found? Turns out Benjamin had a jerk off vid floating around a while back and while I couldn't find the video itself, I found screen caps.... the next best thing. I've sorted through them and picked the... uh, most interesting 😉 Click here to see Godfre's Model Monday post And just a few hot pics I found... before the good good ones 😉
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4 thoughts on “Benjamin Godfre”

  1. . . . the second picture with Benjamin on his stomach is real hot!

    (wish it was a “scratch and sniff” card)

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