Austin Butler Gets a Little Excited…

So, Austin Butler, of High School Musical fame, was currently vacationing in Miami with girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens. Someone was nearby to snap some photos of the couple in an intimate moment. Yes, invasion of privacy... but honestly, if you are going to lay on top of your boyfriend and make out with him, you might want to make sure that you are doing in a place that is a bit more private. Especially when you are still at that age when EVERYTHING gives you a hardon. "Why do you have a boner?" "Oh- the wind was blowing a few minutes ago" Enjoy. Related site: Military Classified!
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7 thoughts on “Austin Butler Gets a Little Excited…”

  1. He is gorgeous. Also, I’m happy to hear that it’s the my age that keeps causing unnecessary boners. I’m just a year older than him, hopefully this will wear off soon, lol.

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