Another True Blood Gay Scene…

I'm begging to think that True Blood is beginning to cater to one of its largest audiences- the gays. With characters as sexy as this, its easy to see why- Steve Moyer Sam Trammell Ryan Kwanten Alexander Skarsgard Anyway... you get the point. So here is the clip, NOW- the good stuff doesn't begin until about 6:30. If you want to skips the story, go ahead and forward to that. WARNING! WARNING! In the middle of the sex scene, Eric stabs the vampire he is fucking through the heart. So... that starts happening around 7:10. If you don't want to 'ruin' anything that may be happening downtown (like one of the comment posters below), you might want to finish up by then. Enjoy!
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6 thoughts on “Another True Blood Gay Scene…”

  1. I guess I should have warned you guys about that, although I have to admit ‘WTF’, your comment made me laugh pretty hard.

  2. Ok idc what any of you guys think true blood is awsome and eric if fucking hot! I would sooooooo let him kill me for a good screw lol!

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