Annual New Year Post

See ya 'round 2013! And welcome to our little timeline of humanity, 2014! My facebook feed is flooded with 'New Year, New Me!' posts, and lots of people setting out on their resolution goals. If you made your own, good luck to you, unless your resolution is to visit this site less because then I hope you fail miserably. I made quite a few resolutions last year, and achieved most of them. The one I did not achieve was running an 'official' race. I ran a lot. One month I even clocked in over 101 miles (thats 162km for anyone not in the US) and ran 11 miles one evening- my personal best thus far. Still, I did not sign up for an 'official' race. Not because I didn't think I could finish, but simply because I just put it off. Granted, I'm a pretty busy man, but I can't start making excuses before 12 hours of 2014 has passed. My favorite resolution last year was reading more of the classics. That one, I managed to do. My favorite? 'All Quiet on the Western Front.' If you haven't read it... do it. Although, it must be said that I thoroughly enjoyed reading the complete 'Arabian Nights.' So, that resolution is definitely carrying over into this year, and I'm already on a roll. But I have to admit- I made no real resolutions this year and don't plan on it. This is going to be a whirlwind year for me. My life is about to become... well, my life is about to change dramatically. In May, I graduate from University. On May 20th (or roundabout there) Albert and I move to... Big-ben-Elizabeth-tower-london That's right. We've decided to sojourn in London for anywhere from three to six months. So, its really more of an extended vacation; however, I just refuse to use those words, because it honestly sounds like something Paris Hilton would say and I would be forced to go punch myself in the face. All jokes aside, we've worked hard. We have both attended school full time, worked full time, and worked on these blogs. A person commented to us just last week actually that they thought the blogs (the banana blog, this one, and Wank Worthy) were kept up by a team of people, as in more than just Albert and myself. That isn't the case though. Often after returning home from an insane day at work, school, or both, we sit in the living room, or in bed, and troll the web for items. I cannot tell you how many times I've been late to work because I've been uploading this, that, or the other. We have worked insanely hard to build up what we've created, and we are going to enjoy ourselves for a little while... So, we will be doing what we love most. Traveling, enjoying each other, and building the websites into something bigger, better, and hotter. If you live in London or the surrounding areas, say hi. We'll need to know people when we get there 🙂 We also have a pretty crazy schedule of travels here in the US, to find the place we will call 'home base' after our time abroad. In February, its Austin, Texas. In March we'll be in Seattle, Washington. After that, San Francisco and Sacramento, California. Then finally, just after school ends we'll visit Denver, Colorado. There are a bunch of other cities on the consideration list- New York, Washington DC, Boston, Los Angeles, Toronto... the cities we are visiting are just the places we've never been to together before. All we really know at this point is that we no longer want to live in Florida. So you can see why I'm not making resolutions this year. All in all, I'm excited. This year isn't just a new page in my biography, its an entirely different volume. Me and Al will celebrate seven years together, we will make our home together- maybe even in a state where we can legally be joined- we will create our own little dream, complete with 'porn/website operation den.' Its going to be a big year. The ups and downs that inevitably fall on the mountainous path of life will be met with not only with a smile and determination, but with a vision of what lies over the next peak. When I reach the top, and look out over the beautiful sweeping plains that is the remainder of my unwritten and blank slate of a biography, I will be able to choose the perfect place to create exactly what I have in my imagination as the perfect life. I hope you all have an amazing 2014, and just remember that any obstacle that falls in your path to a great year, no matter how big, can be conquered. You either walk around it, or climb over it. Wishing you all success, Andrew. Contact me to say hello!: kik- TMSblog email: P.S.- that part that hopefully gives you all boners is below. My Favorite Porn Star Saturday post My Favorite Model Mondays Post My favorite Personal Blog post (although here is the one where you get to see my ass, for those who missed it 😉) My favorite funny post My favorite sports related post My favorite post about television nudity My favorite ass My favorite bulge post .... I mean, my absolute favorite bulge post is my bf's bulge post, but I'm biased :-p
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