Andrew Zollner, Pole Vaulter

… and the best part is, he brings his own pole! These pics were sent my way, and even though you may not follow pole vaulting, or may not have ever heard of this champion pole vaulter…. you’ll dream of that pole. Meet Andrew Zollner-





As I mentions, and as you can see from a couple of the pics above… Andrew is packing his own pole. Evidence? Glad you asked. Enjoy, and fantasize away gentlemen.




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5 thoughts on “Andrew Zollner, Pole Vaulter

  1. “Pole Vaulter” – lots of puns possible…..BUt anyway, he was famouns for showing off his pole in lycra during his pretty distinguished college career, and now he has let us see the goods. He is both a ‘shower’ and a ‘grower’!

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