And now for something a little different:

I just read about Sean Hayes this morning- For those of you who don't remember him, he was the extremely flamboyant character 'Jack' on the NBC Sitcom 'Will and Grace.' In this month's issue of Advocate magazine, he comes out. This made me think two things: 1. He was in the closet? 2. I wonder just how difficult things are in Hollywood for actors who are out. Maybe I'm an ass for assuming he was gay to begin with, or maybe he just played that flamboyant, sassy gay best friend too well. Regardless, good for him for making the huge step and publicly stepping out. I know I've read before that Rupert Everett has said that if he did things all over again he would remain closeted in Hollywood for the simple reason of getting typecast. How often do you see out gay actors playing straight, butch guys? Even if they were capable of doing so, the studios probably wouldn't let them. So I guess its off to the Logo Channel with em' and hope that enough good gay characters are written for major network shows to eventually escape over dramatic, terrible messes like 'Noah's Arc'. I for one don't mind seeing gay actors play straight characters, just as I don't mind straight actors playing gay ones (I mean, I really didn't mind it in 'Brokeback Mountain'). But, I guess not everyone can step back and just got lost in the movie or show without getting caught up in the star's personal life. As an aspiring actor moving out to LA in December and as an out gay man, its a little discouraging. Anyway, this may be one issue of The Advocate that I pick up. I'm really hoping Sean has some good things to say about things like this. And congrats to him.
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