And now for morning announcements…

So its time for my summer vacation- I'll be traveling from Orlando up to the southern coast of Maine for about two weeks. I will make every effort to post as I've been posting, but I'll be enjoying as much fresh Maine lobster as possible and this might inhibit my abilities to update. Not to mention, I'm driving up with my family, and it might be hard to explain what I'm doing. But I promise I wont forget about you! Send me any requests, suggestions, or comments you'd like. I'll be glad to read and consider them. Keep checking back often and don't forget, there are about 14 pages of famous men for you to re-read 😉
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5 thoughts on “And now for morning announcements…”

    1. @Jay Franco: I don’t really have plans to, but I’ll be about 90 minutes away- Haven’t really spent much time there, but its on my list!!!

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