And adding to the list of shows I should be watching…

Spartacus. I don't really think I need to say very much more... I think everyone pretty much gets the hint. This show, which premiered on the Starz network this past January, is about historical figure of Rome who led a slave uprising sometime are 73 BC. Right, now on to the stuff you care about. Yes there is nudity, yes there is gay sex between gladiators, yes the guys are hot and yes I'm definitely going to upgrade my cable for it. Check out the amazing hot pictures below and let me know be checking it out as well 😉
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5 thoughts on “And adding to the list of shows I should be watching…”

  1. If you have netflix you can stream it on your computer. I have to say this show gives me a boner every episode!

    1. @Jack: There used to be some episodes on, but I didn’t see them this morning. I’ll look around and get back to you!

    2. @Jack: Ok, you can actually find the episodes of there are links to different websites where the episodes are posted. Just be careful of downloading them, and you may have to go through several links before you find one that works or is a decent quality. But they are out there!

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