Alexandre Pato’s Webcam Scandal… good for us!

Ok, so it turns out his name is actually "Alexandre Rodrigues da Silva", but for some reason his nickname is (in a literal translation of 'pato') "The Duck". So, he either goes by Alexandre Pato, or just Pato. He plays for the Italian Serie A Club Milan and the Brazilian National Team (he was born in Brazil in 1989). These are reported to be from when he was 19 years old, although there is no solid proof its him. I took a close look and thought there could be a chance so here they are. But first, a full pic 😉 And next.... the collection 😉 I'm going to choose to believe its him 😀 Related Site: Its Gonna Hurt
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8 thoughts on “Alexandre Pato’s Webcam Scandal… good for us!”

  1. It’s funny that in Spanish, the term “pato” can be use to address someone as “gay.” Soo… *hint hint* 😉

  2. The term ”pato” in portuguese means exactly what it means, DUCK. We never use it to address someone as gay…Soo… =/

    1. @Chris: Can you shed a little light on why that would be a nickname for someone? lol

      1. He was born in a city called “Pato Branco” (literally, “White Duck”).

        I think it looks a lot like him. There really is a big chance it’s him.

  3. So where’s the vid? Screen caps are cool and all, but I like to see movement. 🙂 Having said that…thanks for sharing this, man! This is an awesome site!!!

  4. It’s really Alexandre Pato. A few years ago were released several videos of celebrities including Brazilian football players. The videos were recorded via webcam by a person named Felina. To this day no one knows her real identity.

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