Alan Ritchson’s jockstrap

I've been meaning to post these pictures all weekend, but every time I try to something goes wrong (like people being way to interested in what I'm doing... that kind of wrong). Granted I am in the middle of the Woods in southern Maine right now... literally... I'm in the woods in a gazebo updating this site, so. But anyway. Alan Ritchson. Alan got his start some years ago modeling in the Abercrobie and Fitch catalog. From there, he was a contestant on American Idol, an underwear model, and naturally, an actor. He's been in a few things including a recurring character, aquaman, on Smallville, a lifetime movie, and Spike TV's Blue Mountain State. Which brings me to these pictures. The show, for those of you who don't know, is about a JV Football team and in this one particular scene they have to wear jockstraps, pinch a chocolate chip cookie between their butt-cheeks and race. Thank god for screen captures. Enjoy. Pretty damn hot. I'm thinking about using this guy for this Mondays' Model post as well... there are some pretty drool-worthy pics of him. What do you think?
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