Adrian Grenier’s gorgeous bubble…

These screen shots come from the hit show Entourage and prominently feature Adrian Grenier's gorgeous butt. If you aren't sure who he is from his ass, you'll know who he is when you see his other cheeks: Adrian, while well known for his role on Entourage, outside of that is probably best known as Ann Hathaway character's boyfriend in The Devil Wears Prada. And now for what you all clicked on this story for: Hmmm, now what would you do if you came across this on your pool deck?
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5 thoughts on “Adrian Grenier’s gorgeous bubble…”

  1. OMG Adrian Grenier is sooo gorgeous! Ever since I first saw him on screen, I’ve fantasized about him. This pic is enough for me to jerk off all today 😉 Thx a lot!

  2. That is not a bubble butt. It’s a pretty flat ass, if I may be frank 😉

    I’d still rim his hole and bury my face in that flat hairy ass of his!! Yummy

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