Adam Levine: Cosmo UK (Updated 1/9/11)

I'd like to thank the Male Star Blog Reader who emailed these incredible hot pictures to me! Thanks! Maroon 5's Adam Levine got naked for the UK edition of Cosmo magazine, in an effort to encourage men to get regular screenings for both prostate and testicular cancer. Pics below:
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11 thoughts on “Adam Levine: Cosmo UK (Updated 1/9/11)”

  1. …that man right there…If I even see a hint of gay in him…it’s over…imma be pregnant…Lord Jesus is it a sin to look that good??!!! If I ever see him down the street it’s on…imma go right to jail …unless he likes it???

  2. I used to fancy Adam for a while now but why do I have the feeling that he has no penis or it is too tiny or something when I look at these pix.

  3. obviously hes not monster hung but that dont mean his penis is tiny. His cock from the base is being pushed down, but the head and balls have plenty of space to dangle behind the female model’s large palms.

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