Aaron Diaz! Hot Latino Soap Star Alert!

29 year old Mexican born Aaron Diaz. Ugh. I really need to learn Spanish so I can understand what it going on in the Soap Opera he is in. Or I can just DVR it and skip to all the scenes he is in and make up my own dialogue. That actually sounds better. Aaron is married unfortunately. But we can still look! Here is a video I found with all sorts of wonderful parts: You can access Aaron's website at www.aarondiazspencer.com to check out more of him. And you should totally check out some porn at Out in Public Here!
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3 thoughts on “Aaron Diaz! Hot Latino Soap Star Alert!”

  1. What a coIncidence! I saw him recently in the novella called Teresa and I just thought he was so hot. I put him on the same level of hotness as William Levy. You should add him if you already haven’t done so.

  2. I can assure you this is not the first novela he has done. There are few others, some better than others, but with other hot Latinos! That’s why when there’s hotness involved in a novela, I’m there to watch it all happen. 🙂 May I suggest you do a bit of search on novelas and trust me you’ll find more hotness! Love the blog btw.

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