A lot of asses this week… This one is John Partidge’s

This ass belongs to John Partridge, the openly gay British actor best known for his work on the soap opera EastEnders and portryaing Rum Tum Tugger in the official film verson of Andrew Lloyd Webber's CATS. Here is a regular shot of him: And here is a shot of his ass: And here is one of him covering himself with only a hat, damn hats, and some other delicious looking guy who I don't know (if you can help with an ID it'd be much appreciated).
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One thought on “A lot of asses this week… This one is John Partidge’s”

  1. He’s in a really good soap….I love the plot. It’s very soapy…but it’s really nice. He’s in love with this crazy Indian boy who marries a girl and still won’t be with him. Boo society.

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