A ‘little’ bit more of Johnny Castle

So if you read yesterdays post on Model Mondays, you'll remember me recognizing this guy but not being able to put my finger on where I knew him from. Then someone commented that he did porn. It hit me then (why my mind didn't go there I'm not quite sure). So this morning I found a pretty hot solo video he did as 'Antonio' for CorbinFisher. Check it out: btw, the 'action' start just after 9 minutes.
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3 thoughts on “A ‘little’ bit more of Johnny Castle”

  1. I’m sorry I don’t mean to be discriminatory toward our “kind” but “Guys Gone Wild” is the gayest thing in the world, next to Perez Hilton and WhattheBuck, I mean seriously, what chick is like “OOoh Guys Gone Wild!!! I need to buy that movie!” Come on.

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