A Doctoral Student Walks Into A Bar…

... and passes out this link to a survey for his study! Alright, so a friend of mine is working on his PhD, and asked me to take part in this study. So... I fessed up and said, "Hey, I run a gay NSFW blog and wouldn't mind pawning this off on my readers!" He said... "Ummm ok... you run a blog?" So here we are. He is studying the personality, health and experiences of gay men and would love if you took part in the study. Be part of something important. Answer honestly, no one is looking 😉 UPDATE: The survey does take some time to complete, so allow yourself like 20 minutes or so. Another quick note: the survey is specifically looking for those who reside in the US. Sorry, the rest of the world! Thanks 🙂 Just follow this here link, and you will be on your way!
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3 thoughts on “A Doctoral Student Walks Into A Bar…”

  1. Fatal Flaw!! He asks if you have a roommate. If you say “no”, he still asks what your roommate has observed and then blocks your progress when you cannot reply.

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