Porn Star Saturdays: Harry Louis

After the Mike Colucci post I featured a video with Harry, I knew he had to go up. That is, once I could pry my hand off myself long enough to type.

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Harry was born in Brazil, but raised in Europe. He got into porn in Spain, and moved to London where he quickly started working for UK Naked Men. Harry is a perfect fit for porn. Handsome, amazing package, jaw dropping cumshots and a gorgeous body. He is also perfect fit to be in my bed. But… I’ll take what I can get I guess.



Harry has had a long on/off relationship with fashion designer Marc Jacobs and is… wait… he is also a chocolatier? How the fuck is that fair? You are gorgeous and seem to be the nicest guy in the world. You are hung and can shoot semen out of your dick like its a water gun. AND you make chocolate? The bar has been set gentlemen… the bar has been set very high.


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Porn Star Saturdays Revisited- Dean Monroe

Dean! Dean, my favorite porn star, even after all these years. Dean, who my inner porn star is- who comes out when me and Albert get down and dirty. Dean, who…. just makes me so hard. Anyway, the videos are uploaded, and I’ll let you go and… load-up yourself. Enjoy!

That being said…

Dean Monroe.

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Without a doubt one of my favorite porn stars. This 5’11” Greek beauty is by far one of the most passionate men in the industry. Dean always seems that he is really into his partner, no matter who it is. A lot of times when I watch porn there is no chemistry, and thats ok sometimes. With Dean though, its like the only person in the world that matters is the guy (and often guys) he is with. Dean often appears in scenes with – how do I put this?- more than one man. When asked what he would do if he directed an adult feature Dean stated, “I would love to organize a scene with a group of real professional bodybuilders in a gym changing room all lined up with me on the receiving end.” That pretty much most of the scenes I’ve watched with Dean in them.

You have a little something right there Dean…


A little about Dean: In a interview I read Dead stated his favorite food is pizza, his idea of a romantic evening involves champagne and a bath tub and loves a man with a great smile. When asked about his most embarassing moment in porn Dean said, “Probably when I shot Cross Country in New Zealand. Most of the film was shot out on location. I had to go and clean up after the scene and decided to wander down to the lake close to where we were. Unknown to me there were some tourists as well, checking out the lake, and I ran right into them naked and covered in my co stars sperm. I think they were more shocked than me though.” I hate when that happens!


Dean got into the business a number of years ago when his boyfriend at the time sent a picture of him, without his knowledge, to a gay magazine in London where he lives. The magazine just happened to be involved with the casting of a film and the rest is right there for us to see! :) Dean also wrote and recorded the single “Closer to you” which was released in April of 2009. Its a pretty decent song actually- you can find it on Itunes.


If Dean offered a class called “How to look cute while sucking enormous dicks” I would probably take it.

In the closing of the interview, Dean was given the chance to say anything he wanted to the readers. He had this to say: “OK remember guys, You can look good on the outside but the inside is what really counts. Ive met a lot of hot men in my time doing porn and found that the really special and successful ones are those who combine hot looks with an even warmer heart. Ive always said you can tell a man from his eyes and smile… so keep smiling.”
Dean Monroe by Paul de Dona-2

Porn Star Saturdays: Rafael Carreras

Rafael was brought to my attention when a friend asked me if I had seen a particular Lucas video. In his words “Rafael carreras = hand cramp” I thought to myself that anyone that is hot enough to give you carpel tunnel syndrome from wanking off has got to be worth it. I was right! So- I bring to you- Rafael Carreras:


For more of Rafael and lots of guys like him, check out ‘Lucas Entertainment’ – click here!

Rafael is 38! Seriously… that man takes good care of himself! I watched a really awesome interview that Lucas (yes, that Lucas) did with Rafael. They talked about a lot of things, but most interesting I thought- Rafael’s mom knows about the porn career. You don’t see that too often, but he mentioned how important his relationship with his mother is. After all, a boy’s best friend is his mother (if you don’t get that reference, you really really really need to watch Psycho right now. Put away your dick and go).

According to the stats on Rafael’s official page on Lucas Entertainment’s site, Rafaels is 5’9, 160lbs, versatile and has a ten inch uncut dick. Anyone want to measure those stats themselves?


Rafael was 17 when he lost his virginity…. to a girl. He was 23 when he first had sex with a guy. He was married to a girl for a while, and it never occurred to him to be with a guy. Untill it did.. occur to him to be with a guy. He kissed a guy for the first time, and obviously that peeked his curiosity. The guy pleaded with Rafael to kiss him, so he did- as the guy played with himself asking him to go further. He said no, but it was just some time later when he ended up at the man’s apartment, buried deep in that ass!

Rafael grew up in Cuba and recalls that while being gay was prohibited when he grew up there, there were always lots of private parties. There weren’t many chances to be out and about, but he made his way around. Then he moved to Spain to study and… discovered the life.


During the interview, Rafael talks about having a boyfriend- they are in an open relationship. He talks about how important maturity is in his relationship and especially how important that is in having an open relationship. Sexually, he loves kissing, sucking and fucking. He also loves having his dick sucked… ummm… duh.

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