Porn Star Saturdays: Harry Louis

After the Mike Colucci post I featured a video with Harry, I knew he had to go up. That is, once I could pry my hand off myself long enough to type.

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Harry was born in Brazil, but raised in Europe. He got into porn in Spain, and moved to London where he quickly started working for UK Naked Men. Harry is a perfect fit for porn. Handsome, amazing package, jaw dropping cumshots and a gorgeous body. He is also perfect fit to be in my bed. But… I’ll take what I can get I guess.



Harry has had a long on/off relationship with fashion designer Marc Jacobs and is… wait… he is also a chocolatier? How the fuck is that fair? You are gorgeous and seem to be the nicest guy in the world. You are hung and can shoot semen out of your dick like its a water gun. AND you make chocolate? The bar has been set gentlemen… the bar has been set very high.


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