Porn Star Saturdays Revisited: Pierre Fitch

I have to get this out of the way right off. Its probably the most interesting thing I’ve read about a porn star thus far. Canadian Pierre Fitch calls his 8 inch dick Nemo. Thats right. Nemo.

Born outside of Ontario, Canada, Pierre has said that growing up, he always dreamed about being a gay porn star (I’m guessing ‘growing up’ means around 13 or 14 years old, but you never know). He said he loved sex and thought it would make a perfect career-

I think my favorite thing about Pierre is how he always has this look in his eyes of being up to no good. Sort of like being constantly mischievous

Pierre has been in the porn industry for about 10 years, getting into things when he was 18 and living in Toronto. In 2005 it was released that he married fellow porn star Ralph Woods- the two did quite a few videos together before announcing in 2007 that the entire marriage, which is legal in Canada, was a sham- just a marketing ploy for the two. At least there are plenty of videos of the two hotties together πŸ˜‰

Here is a little tidbit I thought was pretty funny from an interview Pierre did with ‘Beautiful’ magazine:
“Please tell us about the funniest thing that happened while doing a film?

Pierre: The funniest thing that happened is in my first movie. Phillippo Romano shot cum into my eye. Everyone on the set started trying to control their laughing. But none of us could…ha ha…it makes me laugh again even now :). That was the money shot and I was not supposed to laugh… ha ha… but I could not stop myself.”

That has actually happened to me, and I can assure you that I was not laughing. It reminds me of a quote from the movie ‘Trick’- “Have you ever had cum in your eye Gabriel? IT BURNS.”

Pierre has been one of the most popular porn actors in the past few years, not surprising giving his boyish good looks and charms, hint of naughty with the tatoos, and bottoming skills πŸ˜‰ Once an exclusive actor with Falcon, Pierre has made quite a few videos and now mainly does stuff with his site, Other videos include Through the Woods, Big Dick Club, Spokes III and Born 2 B Bad.

Pierre, who publicly stated a few years ago that he suffers from ADD, seems like a pretty interesting and playful guy. I had to post this part of the interview with ‘Beautiful’ magazine because I liked what he had to say so much :)
“What is your opinion about love and sex?

Pierre: You can’t always get what you want but I hope everyone gets what they need… ha ha… Love and sex are 2 different things, but when they come together perfectly, you have to hold on to your soul mate. One good friend is more important than 1,000,000 one night stands.”

Agreed. And now, another video.

The hottest gay porn-

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    1. Not sure what happened there Zac, sorry about that. It should be fixed now, or rather, replaced with an even hotter video. Thanks for letting me know!

  1. I always hated his tattoos. They are placed everywhere on his body like someone with those stick-on tattoos. Just looks childish and turns me off.

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