Kellan’s Bulge

I’ve had Kellan Lutz on the mind every since I watched A Nightmare of Elm Street. And while I still wont go and see the Twilight movies, there are plenty of delicious pictures on the internet for me to enjoy. A quick google search reveals that Kellan doesn’t so much approve of underwear apparently:

I’m really hoping a video of him running shows up sometime soon :)

This picture confuses me a bit, as it seems there is a bulge on the left AND right. Although, its fun figuring out, which is which ;)

These pics I found may be Kellan- I’m not 100% sure. But I thought I’d throw them in there just in case. They are hot non the less :)

Check out the hot pics of Kellan Lutz’s Calvin Klein here.

5 Responses to Kellan’s Bulge

  1. …sweet…

  2. omfg hshdsjh sd Im sooo dumbfounded

  3. omfg what i would give to be on that bulge lol gawd! Hes like #2 in my sexy book………after Channing Tatum

  4. I love to see a guy freeballin

  5. This individual still looks like he’s 20. Amazing.

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