Porn Star Saturdays Revisited: Benjamin Bradley

I’m really hoping to do an all new Porn Star Saturday post soon. Its long overdo. I will as soon as I get the chance! Promise :) If you have suggestions, feel free to email me, or kik me. kik- tmsblog Or just feel free to say hi :) Whichever!

Benjamin was born in 1982 way up in Seattle, Washington and obtained a B.S. is Graphic Design in Washington in 2006. That basically is the ONLY biographical info I can find on him, Haha :) Not that a biography matters very much when there is this hovering near your name:

I like that Benjamin is versatile. Well, honestly I like a lot of things about him, but it really turns me on when I guy loves to fuck AND get fucked. Being around since 2005, he has had that opportunity to work with quite a few big names in porn, such as his ex boyfriend Roman Heart and Porn Star Saturdays previous posts Leo Giamani and Brent Everett.

Sorry about the lack of info on Benjamin- I searched and searched… well really I got sidetracked by his gorgeous body and dick the videos, but even his facebook page doesn’t say much besides he moved to Las Vegas in 2006. Oh well… at least we have pictures 😉

See more of Benjamin over at Randy Blue, in the members area. Click here to join if you aren’t already a member!

5 thoughts on “Porn Star Saturdays Revisited: Benjamin Bradley”

  1. I dated him briefly when we were both in highschool. We were both our 2nd times with guys, with each other. He lived in Bellingham and I lived in Lynnwood, WA (about 2.5 hours apart) and we could buy phone cards to call each other without our parents knowing. It was fun.

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