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Porn Star Saturdays Revisited: Leo Giamani

Hello Good Sirs:
Today is my final day of the fall semester! That means I’ll have a little more time to devote to the blogs and hopefully bring you some all new Porn Stars. But who can go wrong with Leo? I’ve updated the videos with new ones for your jerking pleasure. Thank you to all of my readers who have sent me some great suggestions for future posts- if you don’t see it, it just means I can’t find enough quality videos. But I keep searching!

I’ve enjoyed Leo Giamani’s work for some time now, so I finally decided to used him for PSS. In case you don’t know who Leo is, this photo does a good job of summing him up:

God I love the facial scruff. Ok, anyway Leo got into porn a few years ago, working with Jake Cruise doing some bareback porn. Apparently when he won some big awards in 2008, there were a lot of negative comments swirling around about him and the barebacking in particular. Here is what he had to say about it: “But doing bareback on Jake Cruise got my foot in the door. I did it, and in all honesty, the bad comments are from people who always have negative things to say if they see any star.

There’s a lot of people that do bareback and a lot of people that don’t and who are very partial on the fact they’ll look down upon you. Some people in the biz won’t work with you if you’ve done bareback. I’m exclusive now, so now there’s a little interest from other studios.”

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If you’ve ready what I’ve had to say on some of the other PSS posts, you’ll know that I’m big on passion and intimacy. Another interview I read asked him about intimacy in porn and his past experiences.
“It’s not always very intimate because there’s hundreds of people in the room, cameras, and often you have to pay attention to angles and positioning. There is some intimacy, but all the positions and everyone involved, it reduces it. And you can’t just go off and do anything on your own. There’s directors that have a way they want to see it, so you can’t always do what you want.

And chemistry… it can vary because of the person or the setting.”

Leo, I can assure you I’d have plenty of passion and chemistry for you. Ok, enough of shameless pleas. If you had to ask me the hottest fact I learned about Leo, it would definitely be that he used to be a fireman- in NYC. Even though it was for only 6 months, its still hot :) And I wont even make the terrible, ‘put out the fire in my pants’ jokes.

The second hottest thing I’ve learned about Leo is that he seems to be an incredible intelligent guy. In all the interviews, he was extremely eloquent and down to Earth. He fully understands his reasons for getting into porn, is open about his bi-sexuality, and his future. He said while he is focusing on his porn career while it lasts, he understands its closed a lot of doors for him in the future. He isn’t too worried about it though, obviously. He is sure there is still plenty of things he can do.

See this video at Falcon Studios. Click here!

So to sum up Leo, I’d pretty much use the following words:

Masculine, sexy, rugged, hung (of course), muscular, intelligent, passionate, and versatile.

Yes, thats right… I said versatile. It seems a shame for him to bottom (can you tell which I prefer? Haha), but I’m glad he does. He has some of the best facial expressions. See for yourself:

Video Brought to you by Randy Blue. See more by clicking here.

I think this one is my favorite!

Another Video!

Leo has done a lot of work with Falcon Studios- click here to check out his full profile page on their site.

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15 thoughts on “Porn Star Saturdays Revisited: Leo Giamani”

  1. Very good choice in posting Leo. He is hands down one of the most gorgeous men in gay porn today. Like Al, I love your taste!

  2. I for one love a man who can take what he gives and give what he takes … I am not all impressed with these so called macho guys who can only give a guys ass a good pounding but it to much of a sissy to take the same kind of action …

  3. Great post – thanks! Hot hot Leo always gets me off, and he brings out the versatile in me: I am not sure if I’d rather fuck him or have him fuck me, but I’d sure like to spend some time figuring that out.

  4. Hello Kind Sir, may I offer a suggestion request? Mick Lovell of Bel Ami, the hot blond American with that studio. Love to know more about him and always love seeing him in all his glory.

  5. Great post. Big horny fan of Leo’s. I’d lick and grope every square inch of his body, I’d take his hot cock in any position he wanted, and I’d give him my fat dick as hard as he’d take it. .

  6. Leo is delightful. Sexy body, beautiful cock, hot balls. Great cum loads. Would love to be naked with him and do it over and over and over …

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