Alex Minsky’s Nude Photos

Some of you may be familiar with Alex and his story. For those of you who aren’t up to date on this major hottie, here is the scoop. Alex was a US Marine who was injured, resulting in the loss of his leg. While working in rehabilitation to deal with that, he built a seriously bangin’ body. And now is an underwear model- unconventional, but hot nonetheless. With some of the stuff he modeled, there was little for my overactive imagination to conjure up, but I’m definitely erect happy that now I can see it all ;) Check out the dick pics after this series of more professional photos: Exclusive Discount!

alex minsky 2

alex minsky 3

alex minsky 4




ass pose!

and here is what you all really clicked on this post for:


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5 Responses to Alex Minsky’s Nude Photos

  1. It’s a bit weird but I’d still fuck him as long as his leg doesn’t fall off while I’m at it.

  2. Beautiful man.

  3. Yes . . . he is extremely awesome and so is his URGE to carry on . . . and turn a loss into a gain!

    • Exactly! He is proof that hurdles can be overcome. I frequently run into this guy when I jog that has both legs amputated, as well as one arm, and he is out jogging and being active. It puts the biggest smile on my face. I always want to stop him and tell him that sometimes when I think I’ve had too long of a day to jog, I think of him. But that’d be a little creepy I think.

  4. I don’t usually say this about dicks….but man, that dick looks delicious. And dat ass too….

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