Porn Star Saturdays: Mike Colucci

Hey guys, look back for an all new Porn Star Saturdays this next week!

I’d like to thank a certain friend in uniform for this idea. I wasn’t very familiar with Mike Colucci, but now I think I’ve whacked my way through all of this muscle bottom’s videos. I very unfortunately could not get my well lubed hands on his Orgy vid, Paris Playboys…. but I found enough to work with 😉


More: Lucas Entertainment

First! The basics. From South America- Venezuela- Mike is 5’10” weighing in at 170 lbs. Depending on what site you are looking at, his dick ranges from 6.5″ to 8″, by measurement of Lucas Entertainment. I would be happy to do a thorough investigation myself. I have a magic ruler in my… er, nevermind. Well… watch this video and tell me what YOU think!

This link brings you to a site where you can watch Mike and Harry Louis go at it. Its unbelievably hot. Just click here

Mike has just such a cute adorable smile. He looks sooooo innocent! he is the only guy who take have three dicks around his mouth and still look like he would never ever do anything bad. Ever. Point in case:

Told you. Now lets see that in action.

Lucas- tons of Mike Colucci porn!
He got started in the porn industry about 2008- he mainly bottoms in film and I can’t really find enough about his personal life to pinpoint whether that is his preferred role outside of work. But I’m guessing with an ass like this:

that guys rarely give him a chance to do anything other than bottom.

As I mentioned before, I couldn’t get the one video I was dying to see… the one with him and like 8 other guys. Ugh. But, you can see it at Lucas Entertainment. Might be worth a membership. Scratch that. I’m sure anything involving Mike Colucci is worth it. Here is the trailer for the film… you can see Mike in little tidbits at the end.


You can also see more Mike over at Kristen Bjorn

5 thoughts on “Porn Star Saturdays: Mike Colucci”

  1. He simply oozes sexuality – handsome, beautiful smile, cock stiffening pecs, fine ass and wonderfully masculine physique.

    He is definitely not huge in the cock department, neither in length nor in thickness, although he is constantly erect and his balls are beauties.

    Would definitely love to enjoy him to the hilt in my bed 😉

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