Porn Star Saturdays: Christian Wilde

I was jogging this morning before going to work, thinking about who to post this morning. I’ve got a brand new post in the works for next Saturday, but didn’t have time to work on it this week. But anyway, I was jogging…. not a good time to think about porn btw, and saw a guy that reminded me of Christian. I instantly knew who to post. I also instantly had to jog where there were not so many people. Enjoy!

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Christian, I found out, loved giraffes. They are his favorite animal because they apparently (according to him, I make no claims about this) have the largest hearts in the animal kingdom. Soon after this, he said, “and you know I’m all about the love!” and pinched his nipple- so I’ll just take his word for it.

christian twunk 2

Christian has been in the porn business for a few years now, but recently had his fist experience as a bottom- and I don’t mean on film. Like…. ever. It was with the ever so sexy Austin Wilde (no relation, as he points out). Here is what he wrote about it on his blog:

“Austin put me on my back, pulled up my legs, looked down, then looked up at me right in the eyes and smiled. Then plunged in. I had never taken anything that big but nothing had ever felt that good. It slid right in and filled me. I let out a deep groan as he thrusted back and forth and it felt better and better. We stayed there a while before moving to riding which was equally good. Looking down and seeing Austin turned on, inside me and stroking my cock was electric. After some time I started getting pretty sore so we decided that was enough and it was MY TURN TO FUCK :-)))))). Austin has such a sexy body, cock AND hole. I had been waiting a long time to get inside of him, and fucking him was AMAZING! Sorry girls, but I think I’m still a top at heart. “

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Christian is actually a shy person, he says. And its one of the big reasons he doesn’t do live performaces. He says he doesn’t do well. But he is also an escort (which is a live performance of a sort really). When I looked up his twitter to find out a little about him, he actually tweets when he is available, which I thought was kind of funny. Also fun- he posts lots of random pictures. Not only pictures like this:




But HOT pics like this






So perhaps you should be following him on twitter?


Ok, so there is a girl at the beginning of this one, but you don’t see her naked and its part of the ‘plot’. The first minute of this one actually made me laugh out loud, or “lol” as the kids are calling it these days.

Christian has worked with some of my favorite studios and can be seen in the members areas of their sites. If you aren’t members you can sign up- find him at
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  1. mm mm mm

  2. yet he is shy?…lol.

  3. How are you unfamiliar with Mr Wilde!?! He is honestly sooooooo gorgeous! And that cock! wtf…

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