Porn Star Saturdays Revisited: Landon Conrad

Sorry guys, I was hoping to have an all new Porn Star Saturday post for you today, but something big came up and unfortunately I couldn’t find the time! But next week!!! Enjoy Landon 😉

Meet Landon!

Did you know Landon grew up as a Mormon? While he isn’t a member of the church anymore, we can still have fantasies about him coming to our door right? Yeah…. we definitely can…

So I read a bit about Landon, and the thing that struck me the most is that he seems like a pretty reserved guy, which is not something you can say about a lot of porn stars. He isn’t into exhibitionism at all- public sex doesn’t do anything for him (according to one interview I read, but things might have changed by now). He doesn’t really see the point in cruising for sex… in his own words, “I always figure, what’s the point when there’s Manhunt? It’s private and you can be more selective”


He seems to have various types of guys he is attracted to as well. He said some months its boys with tattoos, some months is the boy next door type, sometimes its the male star blogger Andrew… oh… wait… totally made that part up.

He is NOT a fan of the cum scented lube. “It sounds revolting”… so… his “go to” lube is swiss army (I didn’t know they made any), so start carrying that around with you.

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Landon was in a long term relationship for quite a while, and felt like porn was a little to blame for the demise. He talked in an interview about how partners want to be supportive, but that its difficult for them. Which I can completely understand. I’m not a very jealous person, like at all, but I might raise my eyebrows if it was Albert’s job to have sex with gorgeous men in positions we haven’t even thought of yet.

He also said he prefers to work with gay men. With straight guys, they are always loosing their erections, and have to look at porn on their iphones. So he says. Not to ruin that fantasy for anyone…

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