Craig Parker Nude… Again

One of my readers sent me a link to Craig Parker showing his stuff on Guys With Iphones… we’ve seen it before on Spartacus, but this one is close up and mmmmm…. just delicious! I wonder what the cash on his arm is for?

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25 Responses to Craig Parker Nude… Again

  1. Gaius Claudius Glaber. There is something about a man that will let you see his dick while flaccid. #Confidence.

  2. god damn what i wouldnt give to get hit in the face with that ;D

  3. ohhh fuck me

  4. With pictures like this and the fact that he isn’t ashamed at all (I wouldn’t be either if I had that BODY), I think he should do some porn to do us a favor :D

  5. Hmmm. I always thought the men of Spartacus’ time were uncircumcised. Hello costumes. We need a fake foreskin here.

    • he needs a royal crown on that gigantic head

  6. i want to make every inch of ur body wet with my saliva

  7. So sexy. Hummmmmmm.

  8. I love this and i am exiting

  9. He is so cute. I would like take my shower whith his

  10. Craig certainly has nothing to be ashamed of….he is sexy as hell when he’s fully clothed and even more so when he’s fully nude. Usually it’s not a good idea for a man to be seen naked after the 20s, but in his case that’s definitely not so.

    • After the 20s? Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

    • “Usually it’s not a good idea for a man to be seen naked after the 20s, ”

      Um…fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, and…uh….yeah, FUCK YOU. You are 100% clueless about male sexuality, you stuck-on-twinks idiot.

  11. He is the best

  12. I love this photo

  13. He his sooooooo cute for42 years old

    • “….for 42 years old.” Ageist much?

  14. Sooooooooo exiting

  15. That’s NOT his body or penis! It’s photoshopped!

  16. I want take my hot shower whith his

  17. I can assure you its real & many have seen it in full glory at the Urge Underware Parties here in New Zealand. :-)

  18. Shouldn’t be seen naked after their 20’s? A lot of men, not all but a lot get better with age! & cute for 42? You’re kidding right? He’s just plain cute. Scratch that he’s just plain fucking sexy! I had a crush on him as an elf in the “Two Towers” I fell in love with him in Spartacus! Wish I could see him in something where I can hear his voice with his real accent. Then love would probably turn into obsession lol

  19. Ok just found out that he’s openly gay! News to me, one less straight actor I’m pining after. So obviously I don’t stand a chance with him either way but it’s nice to know that I have a little bit of a better odds than I would if he liked pussy lol

  20. hey not bad at all come Fuck me with that!

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