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Porn Star Saturdays Revisited: Blake Riley

There used to be quite a bit on animosity towards Blake Riley for doing some bisexual porn. His ‘straight for pay’ antics lost him a lot of respect. I only have one thing to say to that. Just LOOK at his ass! Seriously! You can’t be mad at that.
One website put it as “two ripes melons” and I think we can agree on that ;).
Last I knew, Blake (who is gay and not bisexual) retired mid last year as he was in a relationship where the guy didn’t approve of his porn career. Thanks for being stingy! Just kidding. But he always said that porn wasn’t a major job for him anyway- his main priority was school. Chiropractor school to be exact… wait… I think it sounds a little like this porn I saw once. You know, a guy goes in to visit the chiropractor, gets on the table face down and says “But Dr, that isn’t where it hurts!” and the Dr replied, “Not yet.”

My first though on the video below was, “Wow he looks like a great kisser” and my second thought was, “Damn this guy can take some dick!”

The adorable 24 year old Blake credits porn with “saving his life” (no, I typed that correctly). Randy Blue found Blake on his via myspace a few years back and at first he wasn’t interested. Then he was in Texas living on the streets and gave it a second thought. He then became exclusive with both Randy Blue and Channel One Releasing (how you can be exclusive and with two studios I’m not sure) from 2006 through his retirement. He is actually still under contract with C1R should he decide to return. Blake pretty much stuck to bottoming in films (hey, do what your good at right?) but says he is completely versatile in his personal life.

But for now he is off, possibly still with his boyfriend being what he described as “completely normal.” I always wondered how often guys like this get noticed and recognized. I sure would like to be a fly on the wall in one of those conversations! Best of luck to you Blake. Thanks for the hot memories while they lasted!

And speaking of hot memories, here is another video of Blake:

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6 thoughts on “Porn Star Saturdays Revisited: Blake Riley”

  1. Yeah, sexiest ass ever, but I blamed him at the time for doing straight-for-pay. I don’t like it, just like I don’t appreciate gay-for-pay. Dumbest thing in the porn industry in my opinion.

  2. hm, videos won’t work for me :(

    @chris: is the other guy leo? if so, then: HELL YEAH!! he’s super-hot! would love to pound his ass!

  3. Personally i was THRILLED when Shifting Gears came out and I got to see two of my fave gay boys expand their horizons on camera. I dont understand the hatred, for being a persecuted minority, gay guys are sure anrrow minded sometimes. It makes me feel ashamed

  4. Oh man. I hope he makes it as a chiropractor. I feel like if his patients knew he used to be in porn, it might have a negative effect on his career. Anyway, enough of being a worry wart. He is FINE! Haha. I wouldn’t mind if he was my chiropractor!

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