Craig Parker Nude on Spartacus (Updated)

You really should be watching this show! This sort of thing happens frequently. This hunk is Craig Parker:

Since today is my birthday, I’d like him for a gift tonight ;) He can help me blow out my candles

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10 Responses to Craig Parker Nude on Spartacus (Updated)

  1. Happy Birthday!!!!! And thanks for the awesome post!

  2. Oh god I love him, he is sooooo hot. And he is gay by the way :D

    And happy birthday!

  3. Fit and yet beefy, perfect. More importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


  5. I love this show, they usually even have a few gay lovers here and there. Happy Birthday, thanks for this blog :)

  6. & this is why i watch spartacus

  7. Happy Birthday!! Hope your wishes come true:-)

  8. Happy late birthday!!

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