Porn Star Saturdays Revisited: Kevin Crows

Sorry for the refresh and repost again today guys. I didn’t have a single day off this week with work and school, so unless someone wants to write these couple papers for me….

Anyway, get ya dicks out! And get ready for…. Kevin Crows.

Kevin said the most wild place he has ever had sex was driving down the highway… Not oral sex… sex. It was was a girl, but still. Thats talent. i’ve given Al head in the car a few times, but I’m always terrified of getting in an accident. And thats not “hot” fear, like ‘oh no! Will be be caught?’… thats more like a ‘Oh no, I’ll be seriously injured AND I’ll bite Al’s dick off. The worst travesty of all.

When Kevin still did gay porn, he worked a lot with Next Door Studios- click here to see more of him in their members area.

Kevin obviously is very serious about his fitness and says 80% of fitness is how you eat and what you don’t eat. So obviously he lives on pizza and beer. He loves to run, surf, workout… And he is from San Diego, so its an absolutely beautiful place to do all of those things.

Even before he did porn he was always naked. Porn never occurred to him but a friend brought it up to him and he thought about it for a couple years. Then he went for it! He loves the experiences he’s had so far and say the people are really nice! It isn’t quite what you’d think it is either, according to him. He says you don’t just show up, do your scene and go home.

Kevin Crows Dean Monroe brought to you by PornHub

What turns him on the most? Interaction. The person being into him, flirting, etc. In his personal life, his sex life always depends on his partner. But he loves oral… loves giving oral more than he loves getting it. He doesn’t really get into anything kinky with the exception of enjoying public sex. He hates the confines of how private sex is.

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8 thoughts on “Porn Star Saturdays Revisited: Kevin Crows”

  1. Hot cock, chiseled body, cute face… wow now this was worth waiting for! Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve for next time.

    1. I believe bi- I couldn’t find anything about him being gay for pay, and he did talk about sex with girls in the interviews I read. So, bi is my vote, but I’m not 100% on that.

  2. He was also on season two of the web series So You Think You Can Fuck on Dominic Ford which was really hot….parts of the show are really really lame but the sex scenes and some of the contests are pretty hot!

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