Porn Star Saturdays Revisited: Brad Star

Hey guys- I’m out of town this weekend so I’m helping you ‘rediscover’ Brad Star… I’ve put up some new videos for your pleasure. Enjoy!

Request by Tgirl! Thanks for introducing me to Brad-

Brad got his start in porn not all that long ago when he placed an add on and was contacted by a recruiter who hooked him up (no pun intended) with CashModels and got his first role in a movie called “Hotel Hookup.”

In one of the interviews I read, Brad said that he only did escorting once (this was at the time of the interview, so who knows if thats still true), and he decided it wasn’t for him. He placed the ad on sexyjobs mainly to find other stripping jobs, which he was already doing and enjoyed.

You might be interested to find out how he got his porn name. You might not be either, you might just care about the porn. But if you are… he got the first name Brad because he thinks he looks like a Brad. How did the last name come about? Look at the picture above… ok, now see those star tattoos? Thats how the last name came about. Riveting.

Yay, more porn! Here he is dealing with Chad Hunt’s dick:

Brad, to me, is one of those guys that just gets more and more handsome as time goes by. He’s been pretty instantly successful in the porn industry and I hope it takes him wherever it is he wants to go in life.

So, what gets Brad really going in bed? He loves a guy that can suck dick like they invented it. He also likes when guys can take him all the way down. So, everyone needs to start practicing!

12 thoughts on “Porn Star Saturdays Revisited: Brad Star”

  1. Thx u soooo much for posting about him…He is one of my fav. pornstars…It’s ok, I assumed u had it all planned out…Thx u, again….;)

  2. Those are some hot clips, and Brad Star is definitely a star, but am I the only one who thinks Chad Hunt’s baby tattoo is distracting, while there’s rimming and fucking going on a foot away?

  3. brad star started in the striping business with buffboyzzentertainment in NY. He wasnt called Brad then, but we had a lot of fun back then working with him. Buffboyzz is now doing a all nude male review in the Ny Long Island area. If you guys would like to come to our shows email us at We would love to have Brad do a show with the Boyzz again like the old days. We now have Billy Heights working

  4. Dear Blog Owner – I am a big proponent of Affiliate Driven Porn Blogs and I support everyone when it comes to their right to say what they want. I rarely ever comment on any blogs, but I am compelled to point out something with this blog that UPSETS ME!

You have posted videos from which is a site that is known for PIRACY. These types of tube sites negatively impact the companies you are trying to make money from as an affiliate. The fact that you would post a Pirated Scene on your blog is, in my opinion, an injustice to to producers who created that content. By you showing the FULL PIRATED scene, why would anyone spend money joining that site? You may say so what? Well, as an affiliate – that takes money out of your pocket as well. The bottom line is how can you work in this business and feel that it is okay to post a pirated scene from another producer?

    Yes, many companies post “Clips” to various tube sites and also pay for banner advertising on these sites. Some of the tube sites are working with the industry and others against the industry. The operative word here would be “Clip.” A “Clip” is just a small snipet of a scene and/or a Trailer to promote the site. What you have posted from are Full Scenes. 

As a blogger who is trying to make money as an affiliate, I appeal to you to stop posting FULL video scenes, as this is a form of piracy and you too are in violation of the Producers Copyrights and could be liable for action from the affiliates you are trying to make money from.

We all need to do our part in not promoting websites that Steal from our pockets. This Piracy takes money out of the models pockets (Lower Scene Rates) and out of the Producers pockets (Less Sales). 

Since I am not the Producer of this content, I cannot Email the site or post a DCMA Notice. The Content owner needs to do this. However, I can tell you that I have notified Xvideos on numerous occasions for violation of my own copyrights. As a content producer, I feel an obligation to let other producers of content know who is stealing their profits and to notify porn bloggers when they are violating their affiliate obligations. XVideos is one of those Tube Sites out there taking money out of everyones pockets.

  5. Gio,

    I wanted to respond to your comments. I usually don’t reply or make comments on blogs. I just wanted to ask, did you decide to write your tired rant before our after you blew your load to the so called “pirated scene”. These clips have to be btwn two and five years old seeing that Chad Hunt has not made a video since like 2009. As for making money, you blood-sucking leaches in the industry have been making your money off the backs of gay men for decades. So you come here where we the fans (who by the way make you, your money) try to enjoy some of our favorite pornstars and you bring all this negativity to this site. You could have talked to Andy in private if you really felt that threatened. But instead you want to put this tired posting on here to I guess, scare and humilate him? Plus what money are you loosing? Why don’t you go after xtube that does the same thing, or is picking on the little guy your thing?

  6. Gio,
    Perhaps your rant, personally validating or not, would have a better impact in the form of an email. What your currently doing is seen simply as whining by the general public. All you are doing is hurting your own cause.

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