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Porn Star Saturdays: Zack Randall

When someone suggested Zack Randall, I went ‘Who?’. But as soon as I saw a pic I remembered just who he was. A few years ago I bought a magazine (I think it was freshman, but I can’t remember exactly), with this cutie on the cover. I was more than happy searching for videos of him!

Zack was born in April 1985 in what he puts as ‘a small town’ and at the age of three lost the hearing in his right ear completely, and partially in his left ear- he has worn hearing aids ever since, but says he has no problem communicating normally.

Zack says he was a bit of a Chess nerd and ended up moving to Seattle, Washington for college. There, he really discovered ‘the gay life’ and soon he was featured in Playgirl and Freshman (he was voted Freshman of the year in 2009). His parents found out about the magazines, an asked him ‘to not get famous doing it’ Ooooppps 😉

Zack has done a lot of Fetish shoots and worked with pretty much any studio you can imagine. Click here to see the last video with Zack and Jude Collin. It will take you to another site, but the video is worth it!

And just in case you were wondering, he did finish a B.A. in Psychology.

I’m not exactly sure what Zack is up to these days, his sites haven’t been updated in a while. The last twitter post I could find from him was dated October 2010. So… if anyone has any information, it’d be greatly appreciated!

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