Porn Star Saturdays: Ben Andrews

Howdy guys! Me and Al are moving today, so I didn’t have time to put up an all new post. Neither of us can take time off of work or school for this move, so you can imagine how 24 hours in a day just aren’t enough for either of us. However, Ben Andrews is awesome, and you’ll enjoy watching him again :) Happy Wanking!

This guy is one of my favorite porn stars. A while back he did this video where he played a really nerdy guy, and since that is totally right up my alley, he has been in my sights ever since. That video, of course was Michael Lucas’s ‘The Intern’, which is pretty hot and funny… if you get a chance to see a clip, you should!

Oh, you wanted to see that video? Ok, here ya go ;)

That, of course, was just a small clip of the video, I’m still trying to find a link to the full length video

Ben enjoys the simple things in life, silicone based lube, public sex, his large uncut dick… you know, things all of us enjoy.

Ben says a big turn on for him physically is a nice tan guy with dark features. He also said he enjoys uncut guys, but that interview was a couple of years ago, so things might have changed by now. How about the turn offs? Drugs, smokers, and bitches. This is right from the interview… “I had this hot ass guy over my place a few weeks ago and he was being a bitch so I left him high and dry and went to sleep.”

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Ben stated that he mainly got into porn because he hates the 9-5 routine and there is money to be made, especially with someone of his size (he definitely is not modest about that, every interview I read he mentions it). He was born in Ohio and has lived all over the place, including Orlando, where I live, for about a month. I never saw him, but then again he wasn’t a porn star at that time. He also lived in LA for a while during high school and now NYC.

Big Boy Ben Andrews mmmmm brought to you by PornHub
Big Boy Ben Andrews mmmmm brought to you by PornHub

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The most interesting things I read about Ben? He wants to become a fashion model/ designer and later on in life he wants a wife and kids. It makes me wonder how being a gay porn star and having a wife and kids would be like. Maybe we should ask Kurt Wild?

Thats it for this week! I’m still trying to find videos and information and all the porn stars you guys have suggested over the past few weeks, so keep checking back. If you requested it, its more than likely on the way, so keep checking back! I have a long list now :D

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22 Responses to Porn Star Saturdays: Ben Andrews

  1. Yessssss … I’m totally in love with Ben Andrews, extremely glad for this PSS post. Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for taking my suggestion!! this post just made my week. love it!!

    • You are quite welcome. He is one of my favorites, so believe me, the pleasure was all mine =D

  3. Have Ben and Lucas had a falling out? I have not seen or heard a thing from Big Ben in it seems like a year – no internet, no new videos, nothing. God, if he has already switched sides and is working on kids I may drown myself.

    • I didn’t read anything about that, but you never know. Sometimes the information I’m able to find isn’t the most up to date.

  4. you should do matt hughes you will love him

    • Mmm, I wish I could do Matt Hughes. I do love him- so expect him soon :D

  5. Well he does have a twitter and is one of the few pornstars that tweets daily pretty much

  6. LOL if your cock size is 3×3 meters then everyone likes it, it seems that you must have had a fucking hole that as big as a traintunnel to like that kind of fugly cock :-)

  7. All the videos are gone! Does anyone know of a website where I can download The Intern? it’s my all time favorite

  8. I just happened to check the site and was so surprised! I was like oh my god it’s like he read my mind. thanks!

  9. Love Ben….he was such a good fit in the Lucas brand. Cute guy with a hot hot hot cock…yum!

  10. what’s the name of the hot guy in the third video?

  11. I’d love it if you’d feature Matt Cole. He’s one of my favourites ever, he is a great fucker. I don’t know much about everything but I’d love to. Would you do it please? :)

    • James Cole ยป I’ve tried to find some videos of him I can embed onto the site, but haven’t had much luck other than 30 second clips. He is hot though, so I’ll keep an eye out for them!

  12. Ben is actually a very cool guy. I met him in 2003? 2004? He worked at Cedar Point. This was before he really took off in the porn industry. His cock is ginormous but he was definitely all about boys and was comfortable with being gay back then. Maybe he was bi and just never said anything about it?

  13. I just found out that my roommate brought Ben Andrews home.. I was in the room next door and didn’t even know! Damn it!

    • Did they have sex how was it

  14. Could you maybe add Jed Athens to the list for future PSS posts? Thanks!

  15. Have been watching movies with Ben Andrews in them. Man, what a stud and that cock. It’s really something to see or better yet, have. I love the “trashy street stud look” he has in some of his movies. It’s funny how he said how he would like a wife and kids someday for some reason i always thought he was straight or bi at most. In any event, i could care what he is as long as he makes more movies showing that beautiful cock off. Any idea if any movies are in the works? Thanks :)

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