Porn Star Saturdays Revisited: Peto Coast

This week’s post is dedicated to TG- who suggest Peto. I had to update some vids, but always happy to bring back a hot pornstar for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

The most substacial thing I’ve discovered about Peto is that he was born in 1983 in The Netherlands. More interesting facts include… he’s hot

Peto got started in porn around 2007 and is well known primarily for his work with the studios Machofucker and Cazzo. In the future he hope to become a cinematographer (no word on whether for the porn industry or not)

Peto was quite in demand for a while; in one year he appeared in 21 separate films (2008)! He got started in porn after he left the fashion industry, knowing he could make more money having sex.

He is known for his extremely aggressive style, which you can definitely see for yourself.

According to his xtube profile, he is bisexual. Thats about all I can find on this guy. Haha. I think we can all assume he keeps to himself. I was able to find out that in his spare time he loves cars and sex. Cause apparently he doesn’t get enough ‘professionally’

He gets a lot of flack actually for performing bareback, I even read one tidbit that says he will even do stage performances bareback!! So… there is a lot of controversy surrounding this week’s Porn Star.

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17 thoughts on “Porn Star Saturdays Revisited: Peto Coast”

    1. He is coming up very soon! I had like 12 request in two weeks, so I’m still working through them! ๐Ÿ˜€

  1. Love me some Peto Coast…he’s extremely sexy! I was just checking out some videos of his a few days ago.

    He does do live performances as well, I’ve seen several videos in the past on the internet of him fucking at public club sex parties. I know monstercocktube has several of them.

  2. I know bareback is risky, but man… its so hot to see a hot guy do another hot guy bareback, these kinds of videos are rare. Peto + Milan is my favorite clip of all time.

  3. Andy, I have always loved your site. May I make a suggestion, any chance that one Saturday a month could be dedicated to “vintage porn stars” say from the 80’s & 90’s? A lot of great one’s come to mind and it would be nice to see a star that’s not afraid of pubic hair :) Thanks JPM

    1. JPM ยป Haha, thats a good idea. I’ll try and put a bunch of them together. They might be hard to find, but I’ll do what I can.

  4. How about some shots of Nick Piston ?

    Andy once again you have outdone yourself for the week with some hot men and an equally hot bathroom story. I have not been to a library in a long time but… you make me want to go rent a book ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Hope your having a good week :)

    1. T-Bird ยป Haha. Nick Piston… I’ll look him up! Thanks, as always Tbird ๐Ÿ˜€

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