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Porn Star Saturdays Revisited: Phenix Saint

The cockyboys ‘exclusive’ Phenix Saint! Woo-hoo! I want to thank a Male Star Blog reader for bringing Phenix to my attention. I really like what I see- the prince albert intrigues me. I’ve never been with a guy who has one, but it peaks my curiosity. I’d try it, but…. ouch :( This is, quite possibly, the most adorable and innocent looking picture of a porn star ever- Phenix got his start a couple of years ago (in 2008) and has worked under the names Ashton, Fenix (DirtyTony), Phenix Dardin (RandyBlue). I hope he doesn’t get too confused. So the story of his ‘discovery’ is that he was on a beach in San Diego where he is from (?) and was wearing a really skimpy swimsuit, showing off his dick. A Porn producer (who I would imagine creep on beaches everywhere waiting to get hot guys into porn) saw his swimsuit and was ‘captivated’, we’ll say, because he could see the piercing on his dick through the swimsuit. I know what you are thinking… a 4th video? How can we be so lucky! Well, I included it becasue I found it, I thought it was hot, and if you didn’t notice I’m a little skimpy with the details here today. What could I find on him? He is from San Diego, he is ‘straight’, around 24 years old (I say around because you know porn stars lie about their ages), and he is a pisces. Thats about it! Haha And on to the porn!

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15 thoughts on “Porn Star Saturdays Revisited: Phenix Saint”

  1. I fell in love with Phenix four years ago when he was with Chaosmen. He has a great alternative look. And a great dick!!!!! I saw him in a recent video and was pleased to see how buffed he is. He is HOT! And he’s started bottoming. He can do me anytime!

  2. thank you for posting and introducing me to this fine man! Appreciate it, and I can’t wait for the next couple of porn star posts your planning on gifting us faithful visitors with 😉

  3. @Moderator: Thanks for posting my request! :) I really can’t get enough of this guy. What I liked about him is his boy next door, innocent look, and yes, definitely the dick piercing. Thanks again!! :)

  4. You should do a porn Saturday on Thomas from Active Duty. You’ve shown him before on BananaBlog, but would love a Saturday dedicated to him!

    1. He is very difficult to find good, free, videos that I can put directly on the site that are full length. I’ll keep working at it though!

  5. Enjoyed him to the hilt. Nice thick cock. Getting a PA perforation must hurt like heck, wonder how long it takes before you can have sex after that, and how much cum exits the perforation … looks like he is learning to take cock rather well too. Nice to be with a switch hitter …

  6. I love Phenix… I knew way back in the old cockyboys beginnings he had potential but he was just missing something. I kind of quit looking at the sight and then years later I started seeing Phenix with raging stallion and falcon and he was so buff and hung and hot man he was better then ever. Topping and bottoming with the best of them.

  7. i fall in love wid Phenix Saint, im searching a lot on net that i got any contect no of him how much he want i ll pay him if he is agree for a night wid me

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