Porn Star Saturdays Revisited: Dean Flynn

MMMM. Dean Flynn

Dean has worked a lot with Titan Men, which is fitting… he pretty much embodies all that it means to be a titan… Click here to see his work with Titan

So handsome, so hot, so fuckable!

When asked in an interview, by hottie Marco Blaze (click here to see his PSS post) nonetheless, Dean said that he can’t imagine doing any other job in porn other than being on Camera. Not directing, not producing- only performing. Dean said once he is done with acting in porn, he’ll find something else to do. I read in another interview he is currently in college and plans on obtaining a masters degree at some point.

The versatile hottie got involved with porn when he sent some pictures of himself, at the age of 25, to Titan Men, and they jumped all over him. I can see why!

Originally from the Mid West United States, Dean currently lives in NYC and… hang on. This video has distracted me.

Here is a video from Copperhead Canyon with Dean and Kurt Wild- the sound is a bit off, but it is still… fucking hot!

Here ya go! Have another!

And you can check here on the TitanMen store to see what videos of Dean’s that they have specially priced now!

6 Responses to Porn Star Saturdays Revisited: Dean Flynn

  1. Thanks for posting these clips. This man is HOT, HOT, HOT, masculine and with a beautiful body, cock and balls … perfection …

  2. This is great. u should review Travis from Corbin Fisher. He is so talented, he can cum without hands or touching. SOOOOOO HOTTTT.

  3. ANDY!
    Have you seen the series Strike Back on Cinemax?
    It’s so amazing, so much action…and naked men.

    Did I mention naked men?
    And sex…lots of sex.

  4. These are great – thanks.
    Have you ever done a Porn Star Saturday post on David Anthony, the top in the first clip? Great body, great dick, good performer – I am always interested in seeing more of him – preferably on top of me!

    • I have not! I’ll look into him though. I’ve had to do quite a few reposts because of school. Hoping to do an all new one soon!

  5. Some suggestions for PSS posts:
    Rafael Alencar
    AJ Irons
    Jack Harrer
    Kris Evans
    Jessie Colter
    Peter Le
    Diego Vena
    Idk whether you’ve posted g
    them before since I’m quite new to this blog, well, just in case, you know…. :)

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